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Can I downgrade macOS Big Sur to Catalina?

Click on the links to jump to these methods to downgrade from Big Sur to Catalina: You could recover your Mac as it was when you were running Catalina from a Time Machine backup. You could reinstall macOS Catalina using a bootable installer.

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Is macOS Big Sur faster than Catalina?

La velocidad de arranque es lo primero que se me ocurre. Hay una prueba a la izquierda y un gran sur a la derecha. Estoy usando el mismo ordenador.

How do I downgrade my Mac from Big Sur back to Catalina?

How to downgrade from Big Sur step by step

  1. Backup your data (pretty please)
  2. Install macOS Catalina on a bootable drive.
  3. Remove macOS 11 from hard drive.
  4. Reinstall macOS Catalina on your Mac.
  5. Restore data from backup.
How do I downgrade my Big Sur Mac? This method is possible as per Apple Support Documents >> Revert your Mac to a previous macOS version <<. This is predicated on there being a Time Machine Backup existing and having the previous macOS backup available to be used.

How do I downgrade from Big Sur to Catalina or Mojave?

Question: Q: downgrade big sur to mojave

  1. Erase your Mac and reinstall macOS Big Sur.
  2. Complete the Setup Assistant when prompted.
  3. Restart into macOS Recovery and enter your admin password when prompted.
  4. At the top of the screen, select Utilities -> Startup Security Utility.
  5. If prompted, enter your admin password again.
How do I downgrade from Big Sur to Catalina without losing data? How to downgrade from macOS Big Sur using a bootable installer
  1. Back up your files and data. Backing up your data is important. It prevents you from losing all the files and data that have existed on your Mac's drive for a while.
  2. Create a bootable installer. A bootable installer will help you safely roll back to Catalina.


Is macOS Big Sur the same as Catalina?

La mayor actualización de diseño desde la introducción de Mac OS X fue descrita por Apple.

Can I uninstall macOS Big Sur?

Step 1: Back up your Mac

This process to downgrade your Mac will erase macOS Big Sur from your hard drive entirely. That means any files, programs, or documents you've been working on will also be erased if you don't back them up first.
Is macOS Big Sur faster than Catalina? Starting off with the boot speed. Test mac os catalina is on the left and mac os big sur is on the right. I'm using the same mac as in the previous.

How can I downgrade from Big Sur to Mojave without backup?

How to Downgrade macOS without Time Machine

  1. Download the installer for the macOS version you want to install.
  2. Once downloaded, don't click on Install!
  3. Once done, restart your Mac.
  4. In Recovery mode, select “Reinstall macOS” from Utilities.
  5. Once done, you should have a working copy of an older version of macOS.
Does downgrading macOS delete everything? No matter which way you downgrade your macOS version, you'll erase everything on your hard drive. To ensure you don't end up losing any valuable data, your best bet is to back up your entire hard drive. You can back up with the built-in Time Machine service, although you must be careful if you use this option.

How do I reinstall OSX Catalina from Big Sur?

How to downgrade from MacOS Big Sur to Catalina

  1. Step 1: Back up your data.
  2. Step 2: Shut down and enter Recovery mode.
  3. Step 3: Look for a Time Machine backup.
  4. Step 4: Use the Reinstall MacOS option as an alternative.
  5. Step 5: Erase your Startup Disk if necessary.

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